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Kia ora!
My name is Juliana Treadwell and I have the privilege of being a part of the MDTA 2016 crew! During my first year of this course I will be a part of an awesome year two/three class at Tamaki Primary School with my highly knowledgeable mentor Sally Barlow. I'm super pumped for this crazy adventure and through this blog I hope you can live and learn vicariously with me and enjoy the experience as much as I am!

Friday, 12 August 2016

"Music is what feelings sound like" - Unknown

Unfortunately due to sickness I was unable to attend todays digital immersion day which was lead by Garage band guru Rob Wiseman from Point England School, however thanks to the practicality of ubiquitous learning I was able to follow along with the session through social media! Though my fellow nine other MDTAs here the top tips I have learnt about Garage Band:

1. Investing in a microphone is key for having clear and consistant sound quality.
2. Background audio can create the atmosphere or break it.
3. Make sure background audio  does not drown out the spoken element.
4. you can import your movie into Garage Band so you can match the backing track to the visual.

Latai's Helpful hints:

With the Film festival coming up in term 4 this is such an crucial aspect to get right, learning  few tricks and tips to make it that much easier is very beneficial! Kia ora team for the long distance lessons! 

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