A little about me...

Kia ora!
My name is Juliana Treadwell and I have the privilege of being a part of the MDTA 2016 crew! During my first year of this course I will be a part of an awesome year two/three class at Tamaki Primary School with my highly knowledgeable mentor Sally Barlow. I'm super pumped for this crazy adventure and through this blog I hope you can live and learn vicariously with me and enjoy the experience as much as I am!

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

"Once she stopped rushing through life, she was amazed how much more life she had time for" - Unknown

The past couple of weeks have taken a rather interesting turn, thanks to a rather hard soccer ball to the head I received my 5th concussion and have been put on strict R&R until I make a full recovery. Taking it easy and being told that I am incapable of doing something is definitely not a strong point of mine, I love being busy and pushing myself to the limit, so to be told I can't do anything but rest didn't go down so well initially. However I have realised that rest was exactly what I needed, rest my body and my mind so my brain can repair is a very important process and I needed to take it seriously if I was going to recover 100%. So I had to push my stubbornness aside and enjoy relaxing, and create mini projects that didn't strain my mind too much. I have been fortunate enough to have strong support from my school, colleagues, MDTA crew and of course my mum that has allowed me to take the time I needed and be in a place where I can recover fully, thanks team!

It's been weird to actually have free time to create a terrarium or go for a walk on the beach where I'm not constantly thinking about all the things I am meant to be doing, or mentally planning for school or assignments. I have even lost the fast paced Auckland walk and slowed right back down, which my friends will not appreciate. 

I guess I have learnt that even when school and uni are so intense, and seem to take over every part of my life, I need to make sure that I take time every now and then to relax and enjoy the ride, make sure I am aware of the big picture thats going on around me. For now, I just can't wait to get back to it, I miss my class and the kids but I know once I'm back that I should be well rested and ready for some serious learning time! Until then I will be working on creating some concrete herb pots and keeping my mind as relaxed as I can, once again thanks to everyone for their support and understanding.

Friday, 19 August 2016

"We don't have a choice wether we do social media, the question is how well we do it" - Erik Qualman

All I have heard about since the last digital immersion session is Twitter. The chats, discussions, who's following who.... I feel like I may have missed something rather significant. However after getting rather curious I decided to check out what all the fuss was about. 

After scrolling few a few of my fellow MDTA's blogs I found there is a whole new world of twitter I never knew existed. As far as a Professional Learning Networking is concerned twitter can be the perfect platform. There are chats to follow that where you can follow different teachers ideas and plans from around the country as well as join in and get feedback on your ideas. 

As well as being able to connect with like minded people it also gives a chance to see the other side of the coin. People of twitter seem to be very highly opinionated and love sharing their views upon anything. For my own practice this is good to be able to have to justify why I believe what I believe and accept that I view the world differently to other people but also be open to challenging my own thoughts and realise that my ideologies will constantly be changing. 

Outside of Education I have also found that following world events such as the US election an interesting topics to be able to have arguments for both sides of the coin. It definitely challenges my thinking, but the main thing to remember is that Tweets are generally option, not fact. You can't believe everything that pops up on Twitter but it is a great place to reflect and challenge your practice. 

Find me on Twitter here!

Friday, 12 August 2016

"Music is what feelings sound like" - Unknown

Unfortunately due to sickness I was unable to attend todays digital immersion day which was lead by Garage band guru Rob Wiseman from Point England School, however thanks to the practicality of ubiquitous learning I was able to follow along with the session through social media! Though my fellow nine other MDTAs here the top tips I have learnt about Garage Band:

1. Investing in a microphone is key for having clear and consistant sound quality.
2. Background audio can create the atmosphere or break it.
3. Make sure background audio  does not drown out the spoken element.
4. you can import your movie into Garage Band so you can match the backing track to the visual.

Latai's Helpful hints:

With the Film festival coming up in term 4 this is such an crucial aspect to get right, learning  few tricks and tips to make it that much easier is very beneficial! Kia ora team for the long distance lessons! 

Friday, 5 August 2016

"Power is gained by sharing knowledge, not hoarding it" - Unknown.

Today we met with a whole bunch of teachers that are in their first year of teaching in the Manaiaklani cluster. It is always a good opportunity to met and discuss how peoples years are going, and to create a larger network of like minded educators. I love these days to yarn about different innovative things that teacher even from within my own school are developing and testing out. Taking time after these conversations to reflect upon how I could implement a similar idea or how that has challenged my thinking is a critical part of this process. 

Today we discuss the concept of SHARE.  What we share, who we share with and the benefits of sharing our learning. 

I have always found the concept of sharing a difficult one. I like to share a completed finished project. However what I am fast realising that people are actually more interested in the journey as opposed to the pretty final product, especially when it comes to our students learning journey.

One way of sharing information in a easy for all to access way is through info-graphics. It delivers a quick easy message without having to scroll through screeds of writing.

I made this one through Piktochart, which was really simple to navigate and develop what I had in my mind. It is an effective way of overviewing the audience I have collected throughout the world over this year.

I know that personally I will just glance at information or data that it given to me therefore if this data is presented in a way that is easy to interpret at a glance more people will be more inclined to dive deeper.

For my classroom this could be an effective tool to present data for students that struggle reading text. However I would need to explicitly teach how to interpret this designs if the learners had never seen them before.