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Kia ora!
My name is Juliana Treadwell and I have the privilege of being a part of the MDTA 2016 crew! During my first year of this course I will be a part of an awesome year two/three class at Tamaki Primary School with my highly knowledgeable mentor Sally Barlow. I'm super pumped for this crazy adventure and through this blog I hope you can live and learn vicariously with me and enjoy the experience as much as I am!

Friday, 12 February 2016

Digital Immersion day one.

I have been contemplating this week which of my responsibilities I need to prioritise most in preparation of the crazy work load thats about to explode. However today during our digital immersion day I realised that it wasn't a case of choosing and prioritising but that the three things were not mutually exclusive. These three elements interact and overlap constantly that it is not possible to individualise one from another but instead understand that they all work together for the overall goal of creating an environment in which students can thrive personally as well as academically.

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